Outdoor LED Sign – Rear Access

Our Outdoor LED Sign comes in many size options including: 50”x25”, 76”x38” and 100”x50”. You may choose single sided or double sided to display your outdoor message in amazingly high brightness
and full color while maintaining a very high resolution. The durable design has been thoroughly tested, so you can be sure your investment will be a lasting one. The Outdoor LED Sign is made to last and hold up in nearly any weather condition. LED module technology withstands temperature changes better than LCD or plasma technology, so heating and cooling is usually not required. However, if the sign is going into a location with particularly extreme weather conditions we can provide you with both. Our LED signs are very bright (around 7,000-7,500 nits) so even in broad daylight your advertisements will be visible, eye-catching, and vivid.

Includes: Powder-coated enclosure housing outdoor rated LED modules, optional powder coated stand, and components. 5mm-20mm pixel pitch resolution is available.

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