Please Note :Before you decide to buy your Led signs make sure that the Vendor(our competitors )has an approved safe electrical products ,as it is crucially important  for you and your business, an SAA certificate is like a Roadworthy for your car

meaning it is safe to drive on the Road and can be insured ,

Your led signs or any electrical product is just as the same for your insurance to cover in case of fire or any other electrical damage that it may cause you need the Product to be fully Australian Standards and SAA approved

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for importing and/or selling electrical products?
All electrical equipment imported and sold in Australia must be proven to be electrically safe.  Specific items (declared or prescribed electrical products) must also have Certification and be marked to show compliance with this requirement.

2. Why do I have to obtain Approval certification for electrical products?
Every State and/or Territory of Australia has legislation requiring declared electrical products to be Approved and marked with an safe electronic products approval mark before sale.

3. What products must have Approval certification?
All products listed as Declared (or prescribed) Electrical Products must have Approval certification before being sold in Australia.

More info here :http://www.saaapprovals.com.au

Frequently Ask Question:http://www.saaapprovals.com.au/frequently-asked-questions/

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